January 19, 2016

Algunas fotos para algunas Hermanas

This week has been a good one, and the work keeps on.

Quick people update:
Yaquelyn, from TV, has been sick these days and we haven't been able to see her.
Eli, the amazing, has a date for the 31 and got her husband to church on Sunday. Sweet.
Fran, the father, decided he is wasting his time waiting and wants to be baptized already. (True. He has years now)

The sisters I live with are so fun, we got these pictures at the zoo. Doesn't look like one, I know.
(you may find it fun to note that my companion and I have matching footprints)

As for me, I am just so happy all the time. I think it scares people... but contacting has its ups and downs anyway.
The Gospel is true, and the road to lasting happiness.

Get on it!

Love, Hermana Meldrum

January 11, 2016

I have even had really dear missionaries, I don't know why I am tell you

We have a less active lady in our area that we go to on occasion. I, on Tuesday, was tired of her less-activity and asked what her deal was, (not using such a phrase with her, don't worry) She couldn't give me anything valid. Surprise. I asked when she stopped going to church. 
"Two years ago in February."
Okay, if she has a date, something happened. 
Sure enough, she continued her already lengthy reply and tells all. I was surprised. And so was she. "I don't know why I am telling you this. I have even had really dear missionaries and have never told a soul, I don't know why I am telling you."

It is true we aren't very close, as I said, I was frustrated at her. Neither of us knew why, but the Lord did. Turns out, she needed to forgive someone. We called and scheduled an appointment for him to come on Sunday, or, yesterday.
So, there we are. And nervous. She is kinda a tough lady. She doesn't start out looking like forgiveness, mostly looking like angry blame. Angry and mistaken blame, the brother lets her know how wrong she is and it involves his own tears. My companion and I praying since the start, make eye contact. It is escalating now and they are both talking at the same time! I am reaching for something... I do not even know what it is... words?
I raise my hands referee style and start saying something so that they have a minute to breathe and maybe feel some of the spirit my still praying companion is inviting. Hymn book. Inspiration. (Thanks to my Dad's experience at a certain funeral I know which song to choose)
Truth reflects upon our senses...
Simply put, I called them both beam-eyes and invited them to humble down.
And it worked.
They continued to converse after my time-out and the brother asked a thousand pardons. (For something he hadn't really done) And the sister, after two years of practicing anger... forgave. I think. And then to finish, the brother offered the closing prayer asking for the other and proceeded to bless every individual member of her family, thanked God for the missionaries who brought him there and blessed the work.
We left the house peaceful. I think.
It is all still so incredible to me. What an event.
God: 4, Satan: 0
Souls that is. 
Keep fighting, it is worth it. 
Plus, we already know who wins.
I love you all!
Hermana Meldrum

January 4, 2016

Meet my new companion!

And I mean new. She got to the DR a week ago after spending her MTC experience in Mexico.
She is Hermana Shepherd from Wenatchee WA.
We got to celebrate the new year together and had some cider while watching the fireworks. FUN!
I will write more next week when I have more time. Maybe.
I send my love!
Hermana Meldrum


December 28, 2015

Nicauris and Andri GOT BAPTIZED

Joel did too.  All the white wearers.

The supportive ward members.

Those that entered in the way. And very, very happy missionaries.

Nicauris and Andri got MARRIED

Happy couple.  Happy missionaries.

Happy Bishop and Wife

Happy Stake President and Wife

Our gift to them.

The deed is done.
Breakfast at Paola's

December 21, 2015

La otra

This is part of my zone at the Christmas Devotional from the 1st Presidency.  
President and Hermana Corbitt accompany us.

December 14, 2015

But One of the Many Wonders


This is Francisco the investigator with his wife Jeny the member. We got to go to the temple grounds and talk about the Priesthood Authority. The spirit was very strong, to the extent that he expressed a deeply hidden doubt. After specific testimony and an earnest prayer, everyone said amen and he said, "Wow." The temple spirit had a profound influence over him and the entire way to the car he was caught in a stupor.
Nothing fake or imagined could have him feeling that way. No man made influence could create such a feeling.
This is the truth. The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is here. And the crown of such veracity is the Holy Temple. 
I am grateful to know that my family can be eternal.
Enjoy the Christmas season!
Share your missionary moments with me.
Hermana Meldrum